Vedic mathematics is pure mathematics based on certain Sanskrit sutrās or formulas. It is simple and easy to learn. Speed and computational skills are the plus points.

Vedās are the treasure house of knowledge. Basic principles of modern science like physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and astronomy as also mathematics are hidden between the Vedic hymns composed in crisp Sanskrit language.

Decimal number system, lines, angles, geometrical shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezium, rhombus and its area, solids and its volume, Pythagoras theorem sprang from the Vedic literature.
But by the ravages of time and many other reason we lost the legacy and original Vedic practices vanished. Some portions of astronomy, astrology, Ayurveda, yoga are still in practice.

In the recent past a great seek by name Swami Bharati Krishna Thirtha took up the studies in Vedās and Sasthras and happened to come across some sutrās (formulas), for which there was no commentaries, or left out as childish or non sense. But swamiji a scholar in 8 disciplines including Sanskrit and mathematics could analyze the inner meaning and there use in pure mathematics. Swamiji wrote a book by name “Ancient Vedic mathematics” illustrating the meaning of Sanskrit sutrās and the modus operandi.

Based on that we have developed some areas which will be useful for students in general. Secondary school students can easily follow our lessons and master the subject. For normal calculation up to 8 digits one can replace a calculator within 20 to 25 hrs of learning.

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