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Vedic Mathematics is pure mathematics Mathematics itself is of Vedic origin. The decimal number system currently in use was perceived by a Vedic Rishi up to 13 places.

They practised all fundamental operations at amazing speed with the help of some Sanskrit sutras. So also Geometry was very much advanced in those periods. Now this is being rejuvenated thanks to H.H. Swamy Bharati Krishna Thirthaji’s yeomen efforts.

We have developed a system that is closely connected with the present syllabus. It is very much helpful for students and wipe away the scare towards maths. Girls and Boys in secondary schools learn v-maths with smile and are thrilled by its speed and precision.

Courses Offered

    • Basic Course

    • Duration 40 Hrs
    • For eighth ninth and tenth grade students (or any aspirant)
    • Attains competency in eight fundamental operations upto 6 digits.
    • Can solve problems in Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry with ease and precision.
    • Advanced Course

    • Duration 60 Hrs
    • For those who have completed Basic Course [+1, +2 students]
    • Attains competency in fundamental operations up to ten digits.
    • Solve problems from Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus.
    • They will be acquainted with Basic philosophy, Sanskrit sutras and its meaning, modus operandy etc.
    • Original Mantras for those who are interested
    • Crash Programme

    • Duration 30 Hrs
    • For all Entrance and Competitive Exams
    • Saves time and score more