Why Vedic Mathematics ?

Vedic Mathematics is pure mathematics. It  is  developed from certain Sanskrit sutras which are similar to formulas. Fundamental operations like addition,   subtraction, multiplication, division, squaring, square root etc..,  are easily done , most of them in one line, mentally, of course with speed.

One who is proficient in these calculations, mathematics becomes very easy. Now a days  pupils are reluctant to do mental arithmetic, which is the backbone of all branches of mathematics.

Students are forced to depend on calculating machines even for simple operations. The natural impact is that their brain faculties like mathematical intelligence etc.. are under developed. In the long run, over-dependence on machines makes the individual weaken their skills in all branches of knowledge, either scientific or technical.
A recent survey shows that three out of four engineering graduates fail for the company’s job requirements.

Vedic mathematics instills a new vigor in learning mathematics with thrill. It induces intuitive thinking. There are many options for solving a problem or finding a sum. It is not merely some techniques for some fundamental operations. It is useful in many branches of mathematics like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus etc…

Though not fully developed in higher applications it is worth learning the fundamental principles which will help you not only at schools but also through out your life.
Mental mathematics is a power by itself.

Vedic mathematics can be taught to students from 8th  grade onwards.
An average student can do all operations upto  8 digits ( and replace a pocket calculator ) in  30 hrs!